Driveways, Carparks
& Synthetic Surfaces

High Pressure Water Cleaning for Cairns Driveways

At Master Blaster we love to pressure clean driveways, car parks and pathways as the results are instantaneous and rewarding.

The build-up of oil, mould, dirt and grime can discolour and damage the surface of your driveway and paths not to mention cause trip and slip hazards.

Tough Stains Our Specialty

Our specialised machinery is built to remove the toughest stains, and our team take pride in their work, delivering results with the utmost attention to detail.

Our friendly and professional service offers chemical and non-chemical pressure washes that will remove all signs of mould and grease from your driveways and paths, no matter the surface.

We’ll Tackle Any Surface

We have worked on concrete driveways and pavers, tiles and synthetic surfaces such as tennis courts, cricket pitches and playgrounds.

Concrete Driveways

Kids Playgrounds

Greasy Carparks

Mouldy Pathways

Tennis Courts

Synthetic Surfaces

See What a Difference we Make

Check out the before and after photos of the driveways, carparks and synthetic surfaces we’ve recently pressure cleaned.

Make Your Neighbours Jealous!

Having Master Blaster Pressure Clean complete the job will save you time, add value to your property, rejuvenate and keep your home free of toxic mould build-up.

We will meet you on site to give you an accurate quote. Contact us to have us pop around and evaluate your property.

Customer Reviews

“Steve went above and beyond pressure cleaning our roof tiles and pool pavers. He came across some unexpected issues on our roof and gutters which he attended too at no extra charge! Would highly recommend Steve, most professional!”

Sam O’Sughrue

“Absolutely fantastic job done by Steven! Our driveway has never been so clean! Extremely punctual and reliable, would definitely recommend!!”

Alex Preuss

“Steve did an amazing job and we were extremely happy with the service provided. Our driveway and paths look like new.”

Joanne Gargett