Fencing, Walls &
Retaining Walls

Cairns, Mould Stands No Chance Against Us!

Fences, retaining walls and exterior walls of your home will attract mould, dirt and mildew over time.

Particularly here in the tropics, the rain and humidity are a breeding ground for bacteria, mould and lichen on all exterior surfaces and when overlooked, can accumulate quickly.

Whether it’s colourbond steel, wood, limestone, bricks or rendering, our team are experts in dealing with different surfaces whilst maintaining the integrity of materials at the same time.

We are your local Cairns pressure cleaning experts.

Give Your Walls a New Lease on Life

Contact Master Blaster Pressure Clean for tailored advice on how we can transform your retaining walls and give new life to dull and weathered fences.

We are the only pressure cleaning company to visit you onsite to give you a quote. Contact us today.

Customer Reviews

“Steven has transformed the exterior walkways, drive & retaining wall. Professional in every detail. Steven took time to pressure clean our FILTHY driveway & retaining wall and not any overspray in or on the surrounds of our new pool. I highly recommend this service. “

Harriet Donnelly

“Master Blaster did a wonderful job to make house and surroundings look brand new! Thank you!”

Alexandra Robbe Wacek

“Excellent results in a short amount of time and very competitive quote. Very happy to refer these guys to brighten up your home. Thanks very much!”

Heidie Rae