Rooftops and
Solar Panels

Preserve the Life of Your Roof with a Pressure Clean

Over time grime, moss, mould and dirt will build up on tiled and aluminium roofs leading to rust and discolouration. Gutters filled with dirt, leaves and debris contribute to leaky roofs and can cause internal and external water damage.

Master Blaster Pressure Clean recommends regular cleaning to preserve the life of your roof as well as restore its original colour, particularly to homes in tropical climates near beaches and waterfronts where sand and dirt can easily get into crevices causing lasting damage.

Amazing Results, No Damage!

Our techniques include chemical and non-chemical washes to achieve the best results without damage to your roof or gutters. We are fully insured; our staff are qualified at working with heights and safety is our priority.

Get More Power from Clean Solar Panels

If your roof has solar panels, a yearly clean will ensure maximum productivity and efficiency. Quite often dirt, bird droppings and leaves can block light impacting solar production. We hand wash all solar panels using gentle non-abrasive detergents.


Roof and gutter cleaning by Master Blaster Pressure Clean will definitely improve the appearance of your home, preserve and increase the value of your property. Contact us today for a free quote.

Customer Reviews

“I highly recommend Steve and his team as they did an amazing job to our roof and they even surprised us by cleaning the roof of our shed. He is very attentive to detail and provide an excellent customer service. I think I am lucky to find them to do the job!”

Olivia Lo

“From the first initial contact right through to the job being complete the customer service we received from Master Blaster was old fashion honest and reliable. Thanks for the fantastic job Steven, we are beyond happy with the results!”

Jenna Wilmot